Linux Dedicated Server

CpuProcessor RamStorageBandwidthIP AddressPriceConfigure
Dual Core Atom Preconfigured1.6GHz - 1 processor 2 Cores / 2 Threads2GB DDR2500GB SATA100mbit Unmetered/64 IPv6 Address BlockPKR 4000/mOrder Now
Intel Core2Duo Preconfigured1.6GHz or faster - 1 processor 2 Cores / 2 Threads4GB DDR2250GB SATA100mbit Unmetered/64 IPv6 Address BlockPKR 4000/mOrder Now
Intel Core2Quad Preconfigured2.13GHz or faster - 1 processor 4 cores / 4 threads4GB DDR2500GB SATA100mbit Unmetered/64 IPv6 Address BlockPKR 6500/mOrder Now
Intel I3-540 Preconfigured3GHz or faster - 1 processor 2 cores / 4 threads8GB DDR3500GB SATA100mbit Unmetered/64 IPv6 Address BlockPKR 8500/mOrder Now



Operating Systems
Centos FREE
CloudLinux PKR 3000/mo.
Debian FREE
Fedora FREE
Control Panel
cPanel PKR 2500/month
Plesk Web Admin PKR 800/month
Plesk Web Pro PKR 1600/month
Plesk Web Host PKR 3500/month
Database Servers


Pre-Sale Questions

Yes, we can customize any dedicated server configuration. While the predefined packages are designed to meet the most common needs, we understand that it is impossible to meet all needs with predefined packages. Since we build all of our own servers, we have full control over the server configuration. Please contact sales for a free quote.

You have full remote access to your dedicated server. For Linux machines, you can either telnet, ftp, or you can use the Plesk control panel. For Windows machines, you can use FTP, Terminal Service or Plesk control panel.

No. With dedicated server plans, you are leasing the server. While you have full control over software installations and configurations, you can not physically alter the server. HostBreak will maintain the hardware in good repair, assist with software installations, and press reset buttons, etc. If you need to upgrade the server, HostBreak will handle such requests. Sometimes, it might be more cost-effective for you to move to an upgraded plan rather than modify your existing server depending on the scope of the requested change. Of course, charges will apply with any such upgrades.

All dedicated server plans come with general maintenance. This means MSH keeps the server running in good repair as it was installed. If hardware fails, HostBreak will repair it for no charge. If the original software fails to work, HostBreak will reinstall it as long as HostBreak solely retains the root/administrative permissions. HostBreak will give the status of any lights or press the reset or power buttons upon request. MSH will perform other maintenance activities you request on a per diem basis. This might include reinstalling software when you have administrative privileges or applying patch updates to the software, etc. This might include setting up email boxes or new web sites on the server. Or it might include connecting a monitor to the console port to determine activity on the machine. Any such activity would be charged a minimum fee of $25 per occurrence. In addition, you may purchase a maintenance plan from HostBreak which would include all the items above. Contact sales for details.

We have data centers in Boca Raton, FL, USA, France, Germany, Singapore, and Canada. For detailed specifications about our state-of-the-art data center click on data center tour..

Yes, that is if you want it. You have total control of your dedicated server. You can do whatever you need to do with it. We find many customers, however, prefer to buy a maintenance plan where MSH takes care of the server operation. It is your choice.

Our standard setup time for our servers is 2-business days. Please note: custom orders take longer.

Yes. You will be automatically charged in one lump sum at the annual rate when you sign up.

In short you are just renting the server, but you are actually the only one using the server since we do not use virtual hosting. You can think of our dedicated server as your own. If you would like to purchase your server from us, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

HostBreak accepts all major credit cards (American Express, MC, Visa, and Discover) and payment by check for established customers. We prefer payment by credit card. If you request payment by check, you will need to fill out a credit verification form.

We will not refund the setup and upfront fee.

Technical Questions

You can run and/or install any software or services as long as it does not interfere with our ability to maintain our systems or customers. If you have questions about this please contact sales.

Yes, once your dedicated server is set up, MSH administrators can open up a specified port so that broadcasts can be delivered by the server through various multimedia technologies. Real Server is supported on Linux. Both Real Server and Windows Media are supported on Windows® based systems.

SSL comes enabled by default with all of our servers. You must provide a security certificate. Most people have some difficulty ordering and installing a security certificate so we can do this for a small fee.

You can create as many email accounts as you like and setup up auto-responders, forwarding, and aliasing. MSH can set up these accounts for you for a fee or you can use a system like the Plesk web interface if available. Note that Sendmail comes installed on the Linux based servers. You will need to provide software if you want an email server on Windows Server. Again MSH can make recommendations and install the software for you for a fee.

Absolutely! If you already own your software, why pay MSH for it? Either you can install it yourself or you can pay MSH to install it. And you avoid the MSH charges (We will charge our standard $25 assistance fee as a minimum charge). Just send HostBreak the software. We can hold the software for you on location in case you need it again, or we can send it back to you after it is installed. If you want the software back immediately, provide a way to return if postage paid. Examples of software might include Tomcat, JSP, ColdFusion, MSSQL server, etc.

SPAM is any unsolicited email. If you are going to send email to potential customers you should sign up for an 'opt-in' email list. These are lists of email addresses for people who ask to be emailed to on a specific topic, and it states that they signed up to be on that list at the beginning of the email. For more information on SPAM please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

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